Wednesday, April 05, 2006

New Site!

I'm pleased to announce that my time on Blogger has come to a close. I have purchased a domain name and hosting and from now on my website/blog/resume will be available at

I (on a whim) searched to see if it was available, and sure enough, it was! I read this week that the domain name for almost every male name in the English language has been long unavailable. I'm pretty fortunate that this one was -- and it's not too long either! For example, and were long reserved and there's no hope of getting

Please update your bookmarks!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Viral Marketing Gone Bad?

Chevrolet, in an effort to market their Tahoe SUV and Apprentice TV Show, has set up a website where people can make their own promotional ad for the Tahoe. The site,, allows you to make your own ad and email it. It has generated more than 40,000 videos and more than 2.4 million page hits -- most people spend more than nine minutes on the site (an eternity in the web).

What has resulted, unfortunately for Chevy, is people making ads denouncing the Tahoe as a gas guzzling, tree killing, menace! While I don't hold to that position, I think it's an interesting problem. I think overall this promotion will result in more attention drawn to the product and more purchases of the Tahoe. I mean, how cool is it to make your own professional-looking commercial (out of reach for most people).

GM's response to the problem has been allowing it! While the have moderated the content to exclude sexually-charged videos, is reporting they are allowing people to make negative videos instead of drawing negative attention to themselves by "censoring" them. Very smart move instead of censoring the few troublemakers.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Insane Weekend, Exciting Times

I had a crazy weekend, missing most of the usual activities (church, youth group, etc.) for job training. It was a lot of information covered, but I'm really looking forward to the job and what the summer will hold.

Now, I'm gearing up for another week of website design (I'm getting there slowly) and classes (the online one is killer!). Hopefully, I'll have some work to show off soon but don't hold your breath too long :-)

Found on Digg today, a guy drew a 15,000 layer Photoshop image of a Chicago train station. Check it out here.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Fav Song - 3/31/06

My song for this week is titled, "Lift Him Up," by Christian rapper/R&B artist Shonlock. It has a sweet beat and will keep you bouncing for well, 4 minutes and 23 seconds.

Band Website
iTunes URL

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Pixelated T-Shirts

Now if this isn't a cool idea: Pre-pixelated t-shirts for anyone who might possibly end up in a reality TV show. This is great for those, "I have a funny feeling I'm going to be on TV," kind of days. Not that I've ever had one or expect to, but just in case . . .

If you are confused, TV shows often "pixelate"-out advertisements from footage so they don't inadvertantly advertise for a company that hasn't paid for it. I mean, why would Fear Factor want to give Old Navy any credit just because a contestant is wearing a shirt that says, "Old Navy"? They wouldn't and they don't. Advertisements in TV and on movies are big bucks! For example, Chrysler paid millions for the right for their 300M to be featured in the box office movie, Firewall. If they hadn't, it's possible that car would've been pixelated out in the movie too ;-)


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Kinda funny, kinda morbid

Brian Glass shared this today and I thought I'd pass it along. . .

Dead Puppies (MP3)

Monday, March 27, 2006

IE 7 -- no more!

I had the biggest problem with IE 7 Beta 2 last night. I had installed it on our "family room" computer about three weeks ago because I wanted to test it and everyone uses Firefox on that computer anyway. I played with it a little bit (not extensively) and was overall pleased until last night . . .

My dad was walking through the room and noticed a McAfee error message stating that some part of SecurityCenter was not running properly. He notified me and alerted me of the issue. I went to work trying to diagnose what the heck the problem was but I couldn't get to the SecurityCenter main panel -- the program would just freeze. I tried restarting and going through Safe Mode to no avail. I ran a complete set of anti-spyware programs too - in case some bot had taken over McAfee. At this point, I'm really starting to get upset. That machine does not have any critical data on it but I don't really want to wipe it and start from scratch at 11p.m.

I should also mention, earlier in the evening, I had read some of the Spyware Horror Stories over on CNET. Reading these didn't really give me much encouragement as to what the problem might be -- I'm thinking more and more the problem is a nasty virus or spybot. Thankfully, after about an hour of frustration, I had the sudden thought to check the McAfee support pages for any information. Thank God for this revelation, as the title of the first topic on the help page was, "After installing Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2, my McAfee applications are not working correctly." I clicked and it basically said that McAfee isn't supporting IE 7 at this point and won't work if it's on the machine.

DOH! Why it took three weeks to show up as a problem (I'm pretty sure McAfee was working fine until the last two days) I don't know, but I'm sure glad I didn't format the hard drive because uninstalling IE 7 took about 30 seconds.

Thanks Lord!